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Buy Stamps - USA 693, 694, 695, 696, 697, 698. Nice stamps. - bidStart (item 4770639 in Stamps : United States : 1901-1940 Used)

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USA 693, 694, 695, 696, 697, 698. Nice stamps.

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BIN Price$0.65
Time LeftClosed (Sun Aug-26-12 17:33:43 EDT)
Winnerscorpio1960 (620)
Shipping$1.00 (to United States)
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Will Ship ToInternationally (Worldwide)
Shipping & Handling$1.00 (to United States)
$1.35 (to Canada)
$1.50 (to Worldwide)
InsuranceNot Offered
Type Of ServiceMail - First Class
Shipping & Payment NotesI recommend payment through PayPal. Normally items paid through PayPal will be shipped within a couple of days. Other forms of payment such as a bank money order take much longer, and are often more expensive to the purchaser. Your cost to mail these to me is equal to or higher than the handling portion of my postage and handling charge. This handling portion is 40 cents, and covers some of my PayPal fees (all of them if you purchase less than approx. $2.50 worth of stamps). So you are a winner if you use PayPal. Of course, there are no additional postage and handling charges if you purchase more than one lot. (I consider any additional postage to be a "quantity discount.")
Starting TimeSep-22-08 13:42:19 EDT
Payments Accepted PayPal or Check, Money Order
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Meet the Seller: grandpapraise

feedback 10152   99.8% pos.

joinedJul '08

fromNew York, United States


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I am aiming to realize about one third of catalog (for USA, 40%), and occasionally more, depending upon a bunch of judgment factors such as cancel quality, logical grouping, thins, etc. One of the main considerations in many cases is minimum catalog items, which I often list at much less than one third catalog. (These stamps are normally in good condition or I would have not attempted to market them this way.) The 2007 Scott Classic Catalog value for this listing is $1.65.

Remember, only the one stamp lot on an order with the highest postage listed pays postage. All the additional lots are free postage and handling when ordered at one time and paid on one invoice, unless otherwise noted in listings.

The next paragraphs are what I would call the fine print. Important information for THIS listing will appear above.

As a general disclaimer, which will hopefully appear on all my listings from here on, - I cannot tell normally, unless I have the help of a reference work, whether a stamp is forged or not. Relatively speaking, very few stamps are forged. Some types of printing, eg. lithography, is more easily forged than others. Cancels are sometimes forged as well. Overprints may cause a problem in this area, as they are more easily forged. Assume that my stamps are 99.99% genuine unless I indicate that I may "smell a rat". If Scott says that counterfiets or forgeries of an issue are plentiful, I will usually indicate in the listings that I cannot vouch for its authenticity. I believe that my stamps will be as genuine as any others you will find on the market unless otherwise noted.

As for cancelled stamps selling at much more than unused copies -- when this happens, I usually list the cancelled stamp at the unused price, and will usually note that I cannot vouch for the postally used status of the stamp. Many of these cancels are genuine cancels applied to significant numbers of remainders by the post office. These cancels are genuine, but the postal use of the stamp is questionable. Only an expert can tell the difference. (And on a stamp listing for $5.00 used and $2.50 unused, who can afford to get expert opinions?) In cases like these, I will usually price the stamp somewhere between my typical pricing (one third), based upon my (un)educated guess of the issue involved. In the case of the $5.00/$2.50 example, I would likely charge $1.25 - less than one third of $5.00 and more than one third of $2.50. You as the purchaser must determine as always what the stamp is worth TO YOU.