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Buy Stamps - #461 mint VF/XF MNH '09 Cat $350.00 Scarce SLWtmk - bidStart (item 25559844 in Stamps : United States : 1901-1940 UnUsed)

This listing has ended.

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#461 mint VF/XF MNH '09 Cat $350.00 Scarce SLWtmk

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Current Bid$290.00
Time LeftClosed (Wed Feb-08-12 19:45:00 EST)
Winnerjefferson123 (53)
Bid History1 bid view history
Shipping$1.50 (to United States)
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Will Ship ToInternationally (Worldwide)
Shipping & Handling$1.50 (to United States)
$2.00 (to Canada)
$2.50 (to Worldwide)
Type Of ServiceMail - First Class
Shipping & Payment NotesInsurance: $1.50 + 1% total consolidated bids Will Ship Outside US: insurance not offered, simple First Class mailing only
Starting TimeFeb-01-12 19:45:00 EST
Payments Accepted PayPal or Check, Money Order
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Meet the Seller: StampTraders

feedback 7117   99.0% pos.

joinedOct '07

fromNew Mexico, United States


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#461 mint VF/XF MNH '09 Cat $350.00 Scarce SLWtmk

This Special #18 Auction presents a microcosm of my Store where massive numbers of stamps are presented. This is Lot 148. They are better stamps coming in all condition grades and prices. Very scarce stamps + mint (MNH to NG) + used are all there. The Store will be growing right along! Stamp Traders is buying all the time and our inventory is huge. Best stamps of collections bought are carefully selected for auctions and descriptions are meticulous. Prices before Script discounts are competitive - prices after 25% volume discounts are unbelievable!

Stamps in my Store are all there in catalog order; it's an unbelivably rich display of wonderful stamps! In the near future more high-catalog stamps will be added to those already there. Few work hard to offer very expensive stamps in lesser grades; we make it a priority to offer you choices over large ranges of price. Presently scheduled are about 4000 stamps but expect many more. Some unbelievable stamps are hiding there just waiting for you and Store purchases earn Script too! Mostly a visit will be fun; what are you waiting for?

. . . I trade anything-for-anything in US stamps (including postage)

. . . Successful buyers receive free Newsletters

. . . 'Script' is given for 25%+ of purchases

. . . 'Script' covers s/h charges no matter how small the purchase

. . . Layaway plan and flexible shipping arrangements

. . . A remarkable and completely different return policy

All auction lots have both normal bidding and BIN (at $410.00). If you bid you've killed the BIN option so no one else can commandeer this stamp. Of course bids might eventually exceed what had been BIN originally. If you must have a stamp and get there first just use BIN and the stamp is yours!

Shipping is at buyers' risk. Outside the U.S. it's mailed First Class only with no insurance - registration etc. Buy insurance for shipment within the US - we offer it. Or self-insure if you wish.

I'm always looking for the ideal buyer; aren't all dealers? But I'm going to do something about it. If you qualify you'll see benefits others don't offer. Those making decent purchases every week will rarely pay s/h because they'll get refunds in Script. Volume discounts will be earned (Script). Give thought to my anything-for-anything trading - because it has a capacity to make your stamp hobby more fun than you've ever had! PM for more details.

Hopefully you'll recognize I want and appreciate your good business. I'll say **Thank You** too but then I'll roll up my sleeves to find new ways to reward you and earn your friendship over the coming years!